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Truck Accident Lawyer

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The transportation of cargoes are very helpful for the economy of the country. So this type of vehicle are constantly seen on the road. Making common truck accidents. Getting involve in an accident with this large vehicle, leads to serious injuries.

Since insurance companies try to avoid liability or try to settle for less. Contacting a truck accident lawyer guaranteed an expert to the deal with insurance companies. They would fight to make sure you receive the right compensation.

Is a Lawyer needed in this type of accidents?

Seeking for an attorney after being involved in a truck accident is something you should do. Truck accidents are so different from other types of accidents. Truck drivers even have personal regulations, in the laws regulated by the state. Need to be handled by an expert who has background in the matter. So your chances to get a compensation and verdict in your favor will maximize.

The attorneys, from Fielding Law, are experts in this matter. When choose them, they will make sure to handle any negotiation with the insurance. Any settlement offer, they will discuss in your behalf at your best interest. While you recover in peace and calm. There have vast knowledge and experience in these cases. Make them the best option in Texas.

You have legal rights to seek for a compensation

Having suffered serious injuries, makes you think that life is unfair.  Being involved in any accident by someone’s negligence. It may be difficult to cover all those expenses, like getting back to your normal life. As a victim, you have the legal rights to seek for a compensation from the at-fault party.

Multiples defendants

Something that differs truck accidents from other types of accidents, for example car accidents. In a car accident, normally the defendant is the at-fault driver. Meanwhile, in truck accidents, the defendants include multiples parties. Even the ones you may never thought of. Some defendants are:

  • The truck Driver
  • The truck Owner
  • The truck driver’s employer
  • The truck leasing company
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The mechanics of the truck
  • The shipper of the goods

Remember when looking for the right lawyer to assist you. You must select an attorney who has knowledge and experience in the matter. Because these type of cases are delicate, complicated, and may take a while to resolve.

Insurances Company will not help you

After a truck accident, you may receive a call from your insurance company or the at-fault insurance. Their representative will tell you that they are with you, and you’re their top priority. In most cases it doesn’t go that way, you have to keep in mind a few things while dealing with insurances:

  • Insurance companies are a business, and you’re affecting the bottom line
  • Most of the offers that insurance company offer you. May not the best for your interest.
  • Watch out for recorded phone calls that would put in danger any chances to get a compensation.
  • Contact an attorney before signing any paper