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Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

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Do you have a loved one in a nursing home? You trust the facility will take excellent care of your vulnerable friend or family member. However, it is important to be able to spot the indicators that they are not doing so properly. If you suspect neglect or abuse, Personal Injury Law Firm Hillsborough County services can help make things right. Most homes have capable, caring staff. However, it is better to know the signs of abuse and neglect before the situation worsens.

  1. Bed Sores

Painful injuries can result from being in a bed too long in the same position. If your loved one cannot get up and move around on their own, make sure staff is shifting them on a regular basis. Watch for injuries that seem to appear out of nowhere or are not healing properly. Anything out of the ordinary warrants some attention.

  1. Malnutrition And Dehydration

It is important to monitor your loved one’s food and drink intake. Watch their weight for any sudden or dramatic changes. Some nursing home residents will accidentally or voluntarily reduce their own portions due to forgetfulness or even pain when eating. Investigate all possibilities and make sure their meals are nutritious and balanced, especially for those with special diets or health concerns.

  1. Poor Hygiene

Your loved one should bathe regularly. If they are unable to do so themselves or need some assistance, staff should make sure to keep them on a schedule. This goes for other activities such as brushing their teeth. They should also have clean clothing and bedding. If they soil the sheets, the linens should be promptly replaced.

  1. Burns

Often accidentally self-inflicted, burns can be an indicator of abuse and neglect. Some nursing home residents can cook for themselves, which can be risky. Additionally, using water that is too hot can be a hazard. Some people have reduced ability to correctly judge temperature and may not realize they are injured until it is too late. Staff should monitor the facility’s residents and be able to judge an individual’s capabilities correctly.

You trust the nursing home to protect the people you love. Whether it be a temporary stay to recover from a surgery or injury or a permanent residence, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. If you suspect otherwise, report the situation to the proper authorities. Many people cannot speak for themselves, so be the voice for them!