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Protecting Your Injury Case After a Car Accident

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Getting into an auto accident is a serious event, even if you think your injuries are mild. The time immediately following the collision can be chaotic, but it is important to calm down and document the scene as soon as you step out of the vehicle. Though you may not be worried about litigation at the time of the incident, it is quite possible that you may end up hiring an auto accident attorney in Columbia MD to help resolve insurance and injury claims.

Start With Law Enforcement

Don’t wait for someone else to call for law enforcement to process the scene. If you are physically able, call 911 to report the accident. Give the dispatcher your location and make sure you clearly describe the medical condition of those involved.

Seek Medical Attention

Before you do anything else, be sure to have yourself checked out by the emergency responders. Make sure that any passengers traveling with you receive proper medical attention. Even if you only have a minor headache or a tiny scratch, be sure to speak to the medical team and have the injuries documented. It is possible to suffer a more serious condition and not develop symptoms until days or weeks later. Having yourself checked out could reveal an injury of this nature.

Save Your Documents

Though you may not have any paperwork to collect at the scene of the accident, you will want to keep a file with all documentation surrounding the incident. Create an area for medical bills, appointments, treatments, or any other paperwork detailing the care you sought after the accident. You will also want a copy of the police report and any information you were able to gather from the other driver or witnesses at the scene.

Snap Pictures of the Scene

If you are physically able, you should take pictures of the accident scene, including the make, model, and license plates of the vehicles involved. Capture the surrounding environment, potential witnesses, and the weather. You should also document your injuries, both at the time of the incident and the time during your healing.

Stay Quiet

Apart from talking to your physician or the attorney, don’t air your accident and resulting claims on social media. If your claim does end up in court, you want to maintain credibility before the judge.

These are just a few of the ways you can protect your case when suffering an injury in a car accident. Your first priority is your health and recovery, and it may take litigation to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries or vehicle damage.


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