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3 Situations That May Require a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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If you’re starting the process of filing a worker’s compensation claim and you’re not sure how to navigate the legalities smoothly, you may have wondered whether to consult with a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon. Even with the best of intentions, filing complicated insurance forms, medical papers and other documents can be difficult, confusing and even intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Additionally, you may risk not getting the compensation you deserve. If you’re unsure whether your particular situation calls for an attorney’s help, here are a few common cases where consulting a professional could potentially be beneficial.

  1. You Have Significant Medical Issues

If you’ve had a serious accident that’s created an inability for you to go back to work, you may be experiencing not only high medical bills but a loss of wages at the same time, too. In some cases, the result may even be long-term or permanent disability. When this happens, employers are sometimes responsible for providing weekly or lump sum payments to help make up any lost wages. Since employers’ insurers may be reticent to pay these hefty sums that you may be entitled to, it’s important to work with a lawyer who can argue for your side and prove that you’re entitled to the payments.

  1. The Insurance Company Is Being Difficult

Even if you’re doing everything right, insurance companies can sometimes be difficult to work with or even deny your valid claims. Some warning signs to look out for include delayed benefits or inadequate settlements. If you’re considering appealing an insurance company’s decision, you may need a lawyer to build up a strong argument.

  1. You Receive Social Security

If you’re currently receiving any social security payments or benefits, your worker’s compensation claim may be more complicated than others since settlements will require more specific structures. In order to get the most out of your settlement so you can receive both social security benefits and worker’s compensation payments, you may need to talk with a lawyer who has experience with your type of situation.

Going through the process of filing a worker’s compensation claim is stressful enough without having to navigate piles of paperwork you’re unfamiliar with. If you’re trying to decipher the legalities of your worker’s comp case and you’re struggling with figuring out insurance questions, medical bills and other associated issues, consulting with a professional could help. If you find yourself in any of these common situations, talking with a worker’s compensation attorney could help you get through the process as smoothly as possible.

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